If you are wondering which is the best security dog for securing your home, then it is time to reconsider your decision. This is because new technologies are still being developed to make home security as efficient and automated as possible.


So there is no need keeping a guard dog and worry about feeding it, veterinary care and dog insurance.  Smart systems in the form of cameras, intruder alerts, etc have been designed to keep your home secured while you are outside your home.


Today's architechure of modern buildings (be it residential or commercial} has to incorporate security factors. Thus, in building you new home, the following will have to be considered:


At ground level, all four main walls of the building will have to be straight and not "zig-zag". Some home designs have walls curved in and out just to make it look fancy.


In as much as you want to make your house look stylish, remember that, an intruder can use some spots as hiding places to operate.


Also, watch out for the hiding spots you have unknowingly created with your landscaping designs.

Consider installing motion detectors at those hiding spots and have them activated/armed when you are out of the home and/or during the night. 


Just like your car which requires regular maintenance, your security devices need to be serviced at regular period to ensure that their functionality is optimized.


In conclusion, it is important to note that, living in a safe environment gives you peace of mind, irrespective of whether your location is prone to crime or not.